Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sights of the Spiral - Karanahn Palace/Barracks

It may be a bit overdue for one of these, and I needed to occupy a post, so I decided to spotlight where I'd seen some interesting scenes :)


I liked the silhouette in this

Ascendant Staff pretending to be lightning ^_^

I've been wondering if Kingsisle has anything planned behind that door. When my Map was loading, 'Horned Barbarian' loaded for a second, which is a mob in DS. Hmm.

Sure is a nice place to rest

I like the storm feel here. Very nice! Especially the beginning stormy islands/bridges, I'd recommend taking a walk there should you want to be in KT :P. I've got a bit of progress and pictures on Sophia, so that will be next. I especially like the one w/the Krok dying and the Seahorse pose ;)

Happy Sightseeing!

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