Monday, June 20, 2011

Mali Cutscene Vid, And More!

Pretty, huh? I was a part of one of the first 2 groups to finish. It was pretty cool! I'm glad its not an overwhelming update, personally, as I have a lot to do in the Live Realm. Also, I get to train pets for Petnome and myself :D. That pretty much sums up the update. You can't press 'X' in Malistaire's Lair, as in, you can't go in the Ambrose Portal or use his Second-Chance Chest, but I bet Kingsisle will fix it. Send in that bug report, if you can. I especially like the purple-beams Mali shoots out at one point in the vid. Credits to friend Ben Frogstone! (points for the Portal music :P) Now, for my in-game news :)

As most of you know, this is my latest House, the MFP/DS combo, when the battles are taking place, and the sky isn't all blood red yet. I like how its turning out, and doing a bit of farming for items. Can't wait to finish!

While farming for a Statue, these guys pips creeped me out at one point, LOL.

Tarlac taking a swim.. yeah, I didn't say the camera was very water-proof..

I did the WW 2-3 times over the last few days, and got Mycin's Robe! I personally think the 58 Storm Boots are just as good as the 60 WW Boots though, which I just realized, so I just need my WW gear on Tarlac & Dugan (Sudrilund Hats crafted, so Boots & Robes). This pic was the end of a Luska Charmbeak battle last night, for one round 3/4 of us were Treants. ROFL. At the end, we got a little confused about when it was Blade/Trap time and made a couple of errors (Spellhammer's Scarecrow twice, Sylster's Power Ra once :/) but we somehow all were there at the end and recieved something, despite a lot of dying and coming back xD always learning some things, right?

Something I encountered after dying in the WW (eventually coming back & winning, though, of course), the Commons got a little messed up. LOL, I liked it though.

And lastly, in the TR, Mycin sporting some weird clothing for Energy xD (Beastmaster Hood, Hoard Robe, Baconator Boots). Going to train some stuff for Petnome, like I said, and seeing what stats a Pixie gets right now. Farming for another Statue at the moment, the Boss isn't happy to give away a second one, lol. And in the MS House, I'm gaining Black Pearls little by little from Tarlac's Garden for all those Chairs, I haven't forgotten about it!

Happy Farming!

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