Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Whats The Capital Of The Yukon?

Yellowhorse! But right now, I wish they'd change it to Yellowyvern.

If you're curious, I bought 5 of those new-fangled 'Dragon Hoard Packs' for only 400 crowns, and received, among others, this 'Squall Wyvern' TC. It only said it would sell for 250 gold, so I went out to test it, an as you can see, the animation is pretty (as in, darn awesome!).

Oh yea.. I got this little guy too.. ;). He's HUGE. Length fills up my screen LOL, well, Chase (meh Death newbie) is getting one sweet ride. Posing with the one & and only Luke Goldhorn, yo! Also got some LvL 60 Boots that *might* be substitutes for another character till they get the WW ones. I'll have to compare them, but it wasn't good enough for Arlen :P. I may buy a couple more at that sweet price, and it looks like they're here to stay, as Kingsisle is rushing us with stuff lately *coughPet-a-Paloozacough*. Dragon Skull Furniture item, a rare one from a lost tower I talked about a while ago, dropped too, which was interesting. You've got even more possible items, -I personally wand that humongo-sword & Dragon Wings. But I shouldn't complain xD- anyways, I'm gonna hitch up and go for a ride *Rocky Theme*

Happy Mounting!

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