Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Feint Ideas

Hey everyone! So, I'll cut the real life stuff short, but I got an iPod and some small stuff. Plus I'll probably get the $40 MSP Pack after my Summer School thing, which is going fine. Gamestop is one of the reasons I can't wait until I'm 16 - getting a job there xD. Speaking of High School, there's a party in the works for those going into it next year next month, so I'll remember to remind everyone as that date comes. It actually feels a lot better than Middle School. Also, thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes and glad the Ravenwood Ball was a smash! Now for some in-game news :)

I finally got this talent for a pet which will eventually prove helpful in tough boss battles/when a new world comes out again - its stackable! The first talent on this guy is Spritely, so I'm finally getting there. I just want Spell-Proof, which is in this pets blood too (though several selfish talents also..) and Sophia has it so I can always hatch. The problem though is the last talent I want... May Cast Tower Shield. Not many have it. So, I'll try asking around for that later on. Perfect Pet Project = Progress! Also speaking of pets, I'm sure you all have seen the Patriotic Leprechaun out, which was expected. Apparently no 4th of July vendor though.. darn. Isn't it funny how pets like the Gobbler are much more expensive than the most recent ones, yet the recent pets have better talents? xD Then again, the older pets look a little cooler. I also could use a couple for my DS House.. oh, have I mentioned..
Woot :). I spent a day walking around it, gathering ideas, and slowly completed it. Well, maybe a couple Boulder-guard pets would do, as well, now that I think about it. But its technically completed :P. I did what I could with the small place - I liked how I mixed the Celestian picnic area in the inside, and it took a long time to craft all those Palm Trees outside. Now, 3 nearly done! Come on, Tarlac's garden. I won a Diseased Wildclaw (crowns) from Yakedo in the Crimson Fields, so I just need 2 pets and 1 furniture item in my Dragon's Fjord now! They're small, but I'm kind of a perfectionist ^_^. In the DS House, I still need to start that one room inside, and I'm currently farming for a 2nd Oni Statue for outside the PvP ring, so after that, the outside might be done. Just that room and some pets besides that, I guess. Hmm, after those I guess is my KT Oasis I haven't started, on Dugan, and my MSP when I get it, of course (2 deserts! Aye). Shouldn't shoot ahead though, but thats a good goal by August. Mmm... thats it. TO KATIA FIREWINTER!

Happy Housing!

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