Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gonna Fly Now (Rocky Reference!)

Busy end of the year for everyone! Btw, I made a mistake on a post I intended for yesterday, but its right below the post before this one (Some Blogging Tips!) if you didn't catch it, dated Wednesday because I felt like writing the beginning then and.. well, its saying I published it on Wednesday instead of Friday. Anyways, I got a few weird pictures with my Dragon Hoard items..

Wand attack is rather weird, as you can see xD looks like I'm about to kick poor Buddy! /:

Lonely Bone Dragons are no fun!


And running into some dusty dangers :o

This was random but looked cool. I made it shinier ;). Reminds me of the old Berenstein Bears or something..

Treehouses rock.
Also, I figured out Hypercam, Youtube and all that weird technobabaloo. Which means..
Woo! I hopes you likes, it took 7 hours to upload xD. I also have Arlen's Royal Estate (showed pics a while back) 500/1400 minutes done o_O. Yeah, I'm probably done with the House, and have a little left on my MS one, but not yet.

Happy Housing!


  1. Wow, great house. I'd really like to see some of your other houses.

  2. DUDE! I used to be obsessed with Bernstein Bears!!! Thanks for bringin back the old times :)

    Very nice post BTW

  3. @Malorn I'll have my MB House up tomorrow :) and of course, the MS one when I finish

    @Blaze I know! I hadn't thought about that for years until I took that picture xD heh.. Kindergarten memories.. :)


Have a splendiferous day! :)