Sunday, June 5, 2011

We're Cooler Than I Thought.

Note: Wall of text coming your way. I'll try to include a picture.. just think of this as getting ready for Summer reading ;)

Okay, first I'll address the non-related-game stuff and end off with my Crafting/Housing progress. First, I want to say how proud I am of the community. You've got most going through School or Work (College/Work-Personal Crises = Ouch..), are/has being bullied in School, etc. One person was very inspiring, and I say that because she was suffering from a fatal illness. But, you know what? She took her time and did great work in the W101 community, and enjoyed her final days. You may know of whom I'm speaking of. 2 of our current community workers, in a great up-and-coming site, are deaf, but that didn't stop them! Eh, kinda random, but I'm glad everyone's rebounded from a rather sensitive subject on being Official and all that.


I got my Disco Floor in the CLOB (CL Observatory, you heard it first here :P *clobber*) done, 4/5 of the next 3 floors done, and just about all of the top floor (maybe all, I'm going to check if anything extra is needed). The outside hasn't been worked on over the weekend, but I'd say its half-done.. its so hard to decide what to put out there though! I keep imagining everything floating through space :P but I have decided to make a couple statues. Will see what else is good after that. For the Mooshu House, I just realized I'm nearly done! In fact, the main thing left is to craft a ton of Jade Chairs (huge $ta$h of Black Pearls required) for my, sort of, Mooshuian Restaurant. Was farming Oyotomi for a long time for several Jade Tables ^-^ I got a Collosus & Stormzilla TC though, that was interesting. And of course, a bit of gold :D. I had a little too many trees outside, so thinning out a little :P so, its going along well. I found the rare Diving Rack Set in the Bazaar (no one knows where it drops yet!), so I may add that to Arlen's House, but was really just WHOA when I saw it xD. (Look up the picture yourself ;P) Yeah, thats pretty much it. School's *almost* over (8 1/2 days), so, should be less busy soon. HURRY UP, JUNE 16TH (Uncles Birthday too ;)) anyways, you're probably getting bored by now, so...

Happy Crafting!

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