Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Well, That Was Fast.

Five hours ago, Kingsisle-fans alike leaped at the news of a new world to Wizard101.
Nice way to pull back some of your new P101 fans, KI!
Anyways, Azteca was not only just announced, it's already on the Test Realm. Apparently, any hint of hype for this world was skipped, but it still seems to be amazing judging by the few teasers on the press releases. Guess it'll be a couple weeks until I roll out the area-by-area posts again!

For now, it looks like I'll be straying away from Twitter and all to avoid spoilers. I managed to do it for Avalon, but it's definitely going to be extremely tough this time.

I was planning to make a post coinciding with the two-year anniversary of Celestia this coming Friday, also imposing some questions on how good hype is for a game (CL took 6 months between announcement and live release). I'll still be here to post that on Friday, but geez - what irony. Maybe this time around I'll manage to avoid spoilers on the new spells before I actually get them ;P

If taking a peek around the new world interests you, the Test Realm has opened. Try not to spoil it all for yourself, though! I'm starting to sound a little cynical, but really, I can't wait for this live release. Level 90, here I come!

Happy Questing!

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