Monday, May 20, 2013

Coming Back To Life

4 long months. Woof. The title's a bit of a cliche, but it fits.
On the bright side, I only face end of the year projects and exams now. Then summer. And this time, my chances of having internet over the summer are much greater. Less sporadic posting until another busy school year then, maybe? Only time will tell.

The great thing about Wizard101 that keeps me playing is honestly the length and multi-taskability. In other words, I can defeat enemies and do home busywork (see: math and science worksheets) at the same time. Fighting mobs is completely a routine for me by now. It also helps that my second account relies on crowns, so I'm not paying anything at the moment, as that account already has 20,000 or so crowns. Alas, I let my main account's membership (Arlen and the other lads) run out in December, as I didn't have time for them anymore during the school year. However, that should change this summer, and I can finally finish Azteca. Yay!

As part of my continuous playing, I have made significant progress on 2 characters over the last few months. My secondary fire is now up to par with my main fire character, both being Legendary.
I've barely ever mentioned Dugan and Amy, come to think of it. Should probably give my fire characters some more cred :P

Wrapping up Dragonspyre, solo-style.

Fast forward to the Science Center. That was fast. Cheers for Efreet!

Alura, Arlen's myth counterpart, also got Medusa.

As usual, with level 58 comes ugly gear. I'll take it, though.

And then Basilisk. My, they level fast.

Zafaria was somewhat uneventful - a few henchmen were needed for a few battles, and ultimately some fellow wizards for Mirror Lake. I generally slogged through it, keeping from boredom with my trusty regular homework assignments. I even manifested my dislike of the general monotony into a list of quests I felt deserved a change, which I'll leave for another post. (Hey, I could always use new material.)

On another note, I finally managed to get Spritely on Alura's Rat Magician.. even if the other talents are somewhat lacking.

Good enough, I suppose.

Last but not least, I caught Alura up to Sophia (my ice character)'s level, getting to 75 at the tail end of The Wild in Avalon. I'd set Sophia aside until my storm character Mycin on my main account gained membership again so they could quest together, but I switched back to questing Sophia after Alura reached her level and now I'm just typing a really long and confusing run-on sentence. So basically, I opted for a switch in characters, as questing on a Myth for 2 worlds can get pretty repetitive. Thus, Mycin will now quest with Alura instead of Sophia when I get my membership back.

Thanks to a kindly M4H member, the Jabberwock was easily dispatched.
*cue clever pun*

..and into The Wyrd! The overall gloominess of the area is pretty fascinating to me, so, save the cursed Death Seraphs, The Wyrd and Dun Dara will be fun to do on a new character.

With that, I bid adieu until the next post, which will definitely not be months from now - really. 

 Happy Adventuring!

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