Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ravenwood Ball tonight - try to be there!

*My first post, yay!* Anyway, as shown on the Friendly Necromancer's blog, tonight is the Ravenwood Ball! Me and Lord Spike will do our best to be there, the details: 7PM EST, Realm: Vampire, Area 1, in Ravenwood. I also had a race with the FN ( Friendly Necromancer ) and a couple other pets in the Pet Derby today, FN's Frost cat Queen Abbey won both races and I finished last both times ( I just leveled up to adult ) so Lord Spike is trying to keep up with the adults ( and the races were in Ruffington Park which I HATE :P ) and ironically I won the next race which the FN was not in ( In Krokotep Pillar Raceway which is a lot easier ). Now I'm a captain and not a commander anymore... XD, I'm really just trying to get the Rat magician from Nigel Higgenbottom now and collecting pets and statues. My other characters are pretty much in limbo now: Andrew Pearlward LVL 50 ICE, Dugan Ogrethief LVL 46 Fire, Chase Deathcrafter LVL 45 Death, Mycin Thunderwraith and the new Tarlac Lifegiver LVL 7 Life. Arlen Dawneyes will be the first to finish Celestia when it comes out, Btw my other blog is on, I blog there about every 10 days. Happy dueling wizards!

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  1. Left this out: Mycin Thunderwraith is LVL 42 in the Village of Sorrow - he has a magma spider pet: Roscoe.


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