Saturday, December 24, 2011

..The Herald Wizards Cast~

Happy Holidays, everyone! I'm going to Illinois to visit my Aunt tomorrow, then to my Grandmas, so I'll be gone 'til New Years. Remind me to do my 2011 review then!
First, just the end of Tarlac's progress through ZF, then a 12 Days of Wizards review.

Glad to see they made the Tomb easier at least.

*Ding* :) #2!

Bazaar failure.

Crafted some -Steven :P-Spiritcaller Drums to get that out of the way

And, sunset over Shining Mountain. Try not to miss that view when you're in that dungeon ^.^

And, now for something completely different--- 12 Days of Wizards analysis!
1: Charity Chrismoose: Didn't have the $$$ to buy, but nice idea from Kingsisle. Give it up for the pun & moose animation :P
2: Poem Contest: Nice prizes and brings out the poet in all of us. Cute :)
3: Free Light Strand: Buy - Pretty cool.. Free - WOOT!
4: Pack Sale: Hope those pet-trainers and Hoard-item-wanters got some joy out of this.
5: Arctic Ninja Pig: Awwwwww.
6: Holiday Decorations: Definitely my favorite, added to the fact it was all buy-able by gold, though I accidently bought 2 Snowmen with crowns.. bah. Thanks for the real tree and epic items!
7: Snowman Transformation: Probably the least exciting, but, well.. it IS free! Incidentally, the Mega Bundle at Blockbuster is a neat idea, they could use more business with the Netflix competition ... I'm getting off track, aren't I?
8: Candy Cane Mount: CHEAP! ... But crowns-only and I have enough mounts already. Sweet, nonetheless!
9: Free Nightcap: Useful for those new wizards.. I got mine last year :P
10: Boon Tree: Not sure what the Elder rewards are, but didn't seem worth it. Not charity and no extra seed drop? Sigh.
11: Mount Sale: Convenient for the beggars in the Commons, right? :P
12: Snowball Pet: Rock + Snow-shape = Snowball pet. Anyways, it IS cute, May Cast Freeze is an interesting talent too.

Well, that's it, an upcoming New Years coming in a week or so :)
Have a great week, staying home or going out to visit, everyone!

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