Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gnome More

Happy December, everyone! :) I know I'm starting to listen to carols and I'm getting a tree tomorrow. Speaking of, there's a temporary new layout for Christmas until 2011 ends. Lemme know if there's any problems (such as not being able to able to read very well due to clash of colors, etc.)

Forgot to take a picture of this Zamunda garden while questing on Arlen.. lol, zebra-fountain

Nice new addition, helps out the rarity of Sunstones just a little bit.

Its not what it looks like o_o

This kind of reminds me of one of the first notable quotes in the game, as you enter Unicorn Way: NONE SHALL PASS!

Is there water under here? O_o

533 gold from my pet for this ;P
Aaaand.. level 68! Time for Gnomes! :)

Travelocity mascot much?

Thats not exactly going to help the lawn..

Woot ^.^
Here's the questline if you're interested (not me, of course, credit goes to the owner who happens to sound like KBB. Dont'cha think so, Kev? :P)

First casting happens to be in a boat..

Epic timing ;)

Didn't notice this before, either, but cute all the same. Some ghosts happen to be nice, and, well, drummers.

And, well, thats it! lol, I'll be taking a break from ZF to do my Death Duo (just started the Grand Arena) by next week, maybe get back to Housing and such a bit too.

Happy Adventuring!

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