Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Duelin' In The Rain

'Twas time for Tarlac to battle furry goblins on the banks of Lake Nimue . . .
Unfortunately, his gear will have to go through an extra dry cycle.

Nothing worse than a mad -and wet- Firezilla.

Cue the Adele references!

Not exactly 'singing' in the rain.

Tarlac wrapped it up with a mad and smelly Forest Lord. Now for Black Annie!

Tarlac and tiger bound off gracefully from the rain into some purple-y stuff.

Wrapping this short but sweet (if you call getting drenched that) post up - Happy 4th of July and Happy Questing!


  1. good luck washing the purple stuff off of your tiger, that stuff can really may actually have to cram your tiger into a washing machine. thx for the pics, happy 4th!

    iri gianthunter

  2. As I'm sure has been well-established throughout the Community, Avalon features the only occurrence of rain in the Spiral so far, aside from the brief storm over Golem Court during the tutorial.


Have a splendiferous day! :)