Sunday, July 1, 2012

Goals And Ghost (Avalon)

So, it's been a month (and a half!)
Honestly, I have excuses, but I've had more than enough time to write a post. I've just gotten a bit bored of the routine of picture-posting with somewhat witty captions.
That doesn't mean I'm thinking of shutting this down, by all means. Although it will probably mean very inconsistent posting, especially come next school year, which promises to be much more hectic than the last. It's a little depressing to see 12 posts this year, 100 less than 2011 so far. Basically, I'll post when I want to. That might mean very little, or maybe even more posts. It all depends on that creativity meter in my head.

That announcement aside, I missed my 3rd blogiversary! Now there's no excuse for that, right? Next year, maybe me and Talon could fix something up, just 2 days apart. Also, my birthday was last week, so you gotta love summer if you're me ;)

6 months ago, I came up with some goals that have a deadline of today. Expired, passed on, deceased, no more. But they aren't pining for the fjords. So, let's catch up:

1. Get Death duo to Transcended, maybe another character to at least Grandmaster

---The Death duo DID make progress, but to Legendary, not Transcended. They're on hold for awhile as I do Avalon on Arlen and Tarlac, as w ll as ZF on Mycin/Sophia. Incidentally, how is 'Arden' and 'Earlene' on spellcheck, but not Arlen?
--- Alura Dawneyes, Arlen's little sister, is in the low 30s in the middle of Mooshu. I came pretty close on both of these, at least.

2. "Perfect/Dream pet" goal again.

---No luck here. I've achieved a couple more pets with 2 great stats, but not even 3 yet. Oh well.

3. Complete at least 2 relatively new houses 

---Nope. Slacked off on housing again, what can I say?

4. 5+ Grandmaster Artisans

---I have 7 or 8 Grandmaster Artisans now. WOOT! Finally met a goal :)

5. Get most of the Music Players... become a Warlord in Derby/PvP on 3 characters

---I have no idea how many Music Players I have, to be honest. I do have all of the ones I need, though, so I guess this goal met with success. 
---I know I have 2 Derby Warlords (Arlen and Mycin). It's going to be a long time before I step into PvP again, most likely. Yep, Tristan's still a Commander. It's also been a long time since one of those impromptu #twizard Friday Night parties. I'm up for another one of those sometime!

And now, it's time to set some goals to be met by January 1st, 2013. Got to be realistic, though!

1. Get 2 duos to Archmage---whatever happened to the TR 'Omnipotent' title? lol

2. Get a pet with 3/4 dream talents.

3. Complete a house; Hold a little PvP party in one! 

4. 3+ Legendary Artisans (1 now, 1 close to it); 2 other GM Artisans

5. 2+ Legendary Gardeners ... and have fun!

I should be able to complete more than one of these this time. Having my own computer would help!

On to what I've been doing (relatively little) in the last few weeks-

Tarlac put lots of work in on an Avalon-questing spree, beating up owls in the process.

Enjoying the view in Caer Lyon.. why are there rugs on that roof?

And the last Batman movie comes out this year! Talk about karma :P

A very well-fought match with Malgrin lets Tarlac into the Outer Yard..

..Where he currently sits. Actually, I finished it last week, so now he has to beat some deer at the Lakeshore for some cute little Lion--okay, Alphyn-- statues.

Arlen finally gathered a team with fellow #twizards Angel and Tatiana for Ghost Avalon. It was confusing yet hilarious at the same time. I should group quest more often!

Posing at the last Knight statue. Only a showdown with the Pendragon awaits!

..Okay, I've severely procrastinated at the Keep of Ganelon too. Once Wizard101 runs on this computer a bit better, I'll do it. Really.

..Meanwhile, I did some long-awaited Zafaria questing with Mycin and Sophia. My second account finally got a load of crowns, so it was time for some questing. Sophia hogs the spotlight, as usual.

At the top of Pride Rock. The view is great, but not worth piles of Lions to fight over.

At a secluded meeting with some zebras, the two make their way into Zamunda. After some more questing, I've stopped there. Probably at one of the quests where I fight more rhinocer....i?

Lastly, it's also been a while since a design change on the blog, and I know it's hard to tell a comma from a period with the font, so I'll tidy up the blog following this post. Another poll should be up, too :)

That's it for a long awaited posting. It will be a little while, being away from home with computer problems, but I'll get back on Wizard101 soon.

Happy Questing!

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  1. Happy late birthday, Arlen! Sorry I missed it. :P



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