Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Azteca - Underground + Celestial Calendar

Before my membership ran out in December, I managed to get some work done under the mountains of Azteca. Many of these pictures are 7 months old, but oh well.

As if panning for gold wasn't a dirty job already..

No plaque-fighting ingredients in that, buddy.

Minions who rival Zafarian bosses in health? Check...

Pitch Black Lake was a cool experience, a bit more varied than Lake Nimue, it's Avalon counterpart. Personally, I enjoy the underwater experience. A whole zone of underwater areas in the upcoming worlds would be fun - maybe a little lighter in atmosphere though, like Celestia. Possibly the areas getting deeper and deeper underwater as the quests progress? There's an idea for Kingsisle. Maybe turn our animal mounts into fish underwater? :P

 Tierra De Brea was also unique as an area with caves being mined. It was a bit dull for my tastes though, not much else to say about it.

Time for the Calendar spell :D

Very philosophical and biblical, I like it.

It's a very decent damage attack that's effectively 8-9 pips with the 'Steal 1 Pip' bonus. I like it, but I'm getting a little tired of relying on my outdated Humongofrog spell for an AoE (hit-all) attack on mobs. Hopefully the next big Myth spell will be an AoE, as the last four have all been attacks for one enemy (Orthrus, Medusa, Basilisk and Calendar). A 2-round Stun attack, DoT spell and Steal-pip bonus is great, but give me an AoE any day.

Transcendant Crafter! The Agave Leaves/Turquoise were a bit of a pain, but overall it was an easier quest IMO than the Zafaria crafting one.

When the midnight moon rises, a monster never seen before appears in the dark...

In other pet news, I still can't get a pet with 3 decent talents. It always stops at Spell Proof+Spritely+Selfish talent, but my day will come. One day.

Other than that, I'm training some pets in the Test Realm both for myself and Petnome. There are a large number of pets close to completion, so remember to help out Petnome by training incomplete pets in the Test Realm if possible.

I've got quite a bit of post material for once, and summer doesn't last forever, so expect more frequent posting for awhile. Plus, I have a small pet project/post I'm working on that I should have ready by August. Well, nothing major, but I'm enjoying it :P

Until next time,
Happy Questing!

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