Saturday, July 6, 2013

Two-faced Devereaux

Recently, I bought a combo W101+P101 membership, and Pirate101 has honestly proven to be harder to multi-task with. In other words, I've been too engrossed with Cutthroats and Monquistans to post, but I probably should by this point.

So, after taking the school test..

Yeah, I'm that Marleybone-based dude with the eye patch. Cool with that.

From first impressions, it feels very similar to Myth in the sense that I'm supporting henchmen a lot, but on the other hand, I'm getting some decent healing spells. I must say I love Witchdoctor attacks as a secondary; Ghostwail does a lot of damage and Jobu's Breath is obviously based off Death school's drain spells, but relative to what level you are. I'm still developing understanding for the battle system (I just figured out what my +50% Will spell does), but I can grasp most other aspects of the game by now.

My beautiful new appearance for Monquistan royalty

This ledge reminded me of a similar spot in Vigrid Roughland in Grizzleheim. A few turns up a hill and I ended up with this nice view of a bunch of beehives.

This quest from the same spot reminds me of this side quest in Mooshu, minus the fact that it was a poisonous frog this time. Ah, ignorant sheep and monkeys.

Old Scratch's Pirate saves the day :D

I liked the purple clouds and Celestian music in these cross-world skyways - nice touch.

I ended up letting the ship sail itself a few times...

Bananas :D

To Cool Ranch!

It looks very pretty, almost like I'm navigating around the Grand Canyon in the Skyways. The Buffaloons are pretty weird though. Plus, with 5 skyways, I think I'm going to be here for a while.

I'll probably post again sooner than later, and until then,
Happy Adventuring/Questing! (or what have you)

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