Saturday, October 12, 2013


With this post comes a big blog template change - orange and black colors with a custom-made Halloween background. It does clash with the Tabs (Blog List/Archive), but I'll only have this up for 3 weeks anyway. I also re-uploaded my 3-year old header made by Wolf Redfist. I should probably change it someday (Lord Spike the Orthrus is now resting comfortably in an attic somewhere), but I still love it.

On another note, due to that mishap with Blogger (see last post), just about all of my old blog pictures now show a big exclamation point instead of the picture. That's a real bummer, but at least I didn't lose the whole blog as well, right? Still, that revelation is disappointing, to say the least.

With that duly noted, on to the new Halloween content!

It's close to midnight, and something evil's lurking in the dark...

Not quite the thrill that I had in mind.

The Halloween content arrived for October this week, bringing with it an awaited conclusion to the Haunted Cave mystery. What is inside that gate on the hillside?

First things first, though - Baron Mordecai's annual defeat.

Just for fun, I Google-searched for "monstrous, disfigured vegetables".

Seriously though, that's a spooky tomato.

Similarly ...

Hey, that's strangely appropriate.
(credit to a random article in the U.K. Daily Mail)

Gee, that's comforting.

Fun fact: Nosferatu was a 1922 horror movie based off, you guessed it, Dracula. Because film rights were not acquired, the film was nearly lost to history after all copies were ordered destroyed. Thankfully, it had been circulated and remained available. Also, I'm pretty certain he didn't drink veggie juice.

Creepiness achieved. Definitely seems like a good watch for Halloween, I've gotta save that link for 3 weeks.

On a related note, I love his accent.

A novel idea --- every transformation, including quest-specific ones, available for a handy 25 gold. I would've thought some of the more exclusive transformations would cost more, but I'm not complaining.

Ooh.. I wanna go inside.

To top off the quest, I got Madame Xena. I didn't know reanimated rabbits were green. Must have been patched together in an eco-friendly fashion.

Overall, I only have two suggestions for improving the new quest:

*Level-scaling? It's a cute quest, but it's of a Krokotopian/Marleybonian difficulty level.
*Do something with the houses, nooks, and crannies in the cave. Seeing a subterranean haunted house is cool, but going inside is better.

That said, I still really like Madame Xena as a reward.

There were no other changes in the Halloween content - but why not give the towers a go, once again?
The Master Tower hasn't been worth doing since the Kensington Park rewards stopped dropping there (yes, they did once!). It's always fun to revisit Pumpkin Head, though, and get Great Spyre Gurtok rewards on an easier boss.

So 2010. *eyeroll*

One of these years, Kingsisle will make a Grandmaster Tower. I will hold on to those hopes. (Please?)
For now though, the new quest and Frankenbunny is pretty sweet.

Last but not least, if you've got this far...

At the end of every post from now on, I *may* offer a trivia question with a prize of whatever you want in the Crowns Shop under X crowns. For this first time, it will be anything at or under 500 crowns. Items under 500 crowns include: hairstyles, elixirs, hoard packs, etc. Anything you'd like.

To answer, simply comment on this post, e-mail me (the address is above the Blog Archive), or tweet @arlendawneyes with the answer. If you win, I will give you a TFC and gift the prize to your character in-game. Also, only one answer may be submitted per question. Pretty simple.

Now that the basic rules have been laid out, here's the trivia question for today's post:

Last year (not sure it's happening this year), what somewhat rare pet was dropped from the Haunted Cave Apple Tub?

I'll update as soon as I get a correct response :)
P.S. I may have have some extra prizes besides crowns for this first question!

Happy Questing!


  1. I believe it was the Inferno Salamander that was said to drop from the apple tub, thanks for the contest!

  2. Good call! You win the prize :)
    E-mail, DM me @arlendawneyes or respond to this comment with the wizard name you want to claim it on and I'll give you a TFC.


Have a splendiferous day! :)