Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mishaps With Blogger

If you've noticed, the blog was unavailable through Monday and Tuesday night.

Blogger said the blog had been deleted, but I've fixed the problem - I had one of my e-mail accounts set as "Admin" for this blog, and I deleted that e-mail account on Monday, which wiped out The Two-Headed Wizard with it.

 I must admit, I was terrified that this blog had been wiped out forever, erasing 3+ years of memories. Without a chance to recover the blog last night, I was worried to death for most of today that I'd have to create a new blog. I even brainstormed layouts and names - Arlen 2.0, maybe?

Thankfully, those ideas are not coming to fruition, as I just figured out how to re-activate that e-mail account and switch Admin settings with another e-mail.

Anyway, if anyone visited the blog in the last day, just count this as a notice that I was aware of the issue. (Plus I'm extremely relieved that I could fix it.)

In other news, I hear of some spooky announcement that Halloween brings new stuff to the Spiral this year. That is, tomorrow. I'll be there to try out Dworgyn's new quest, and will be sure to post about it this weekend. Count me in as someone who's always wondered about that Nightside door . . . just one more day until we find out.

Also, could this be Darkmoor? Maybe Polaris?

Only time will tell.

Happy Questing!

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