Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Piratin' to Sixty-Five

I haven't posted about Pirate101 much. This summer, I got through the grueling world that is Cool Ranch, and since then I've quested through the more enjoyable (and recognizable) worlds of Marleybone and Mooshu. I lost the pictures I took when I got a new laptop, but I didn't plan on posting many of them anyways :P

As an update though, here's what I've been doing in P101 recently:

Many a good time was had at Autumn Walker's Nautical EXP extravaganzas. Getting all that loot even bought me an Aquilan Galleon, something that seemed so far away when I finished Marleybone at a lowly Level 40 nautical level. Sadly, Autumn left the Spiral yesterday (<-- link to post). Although I did not know Autumn very well, she was on my friend list and I was hoping to become a better acquaintance through the biweekly NXP events she held through Secrets of the Spiral. Alas, Autumn's presence will certainly be missed in the community. Thank you for your efforts!

As I approached the level cap, I took the liberty of making a second character to fill some time. Almost up to Monquista on Jacques Jackson! (Nice alliteration bit there, no?)

Arlen's questing takes precedence, however ---

That's one krazy kat o_O
Owing to his stylish hat and robe, Swing has been beaten repeatedly by overzealous pirates. His fashions are a little extravagant for my tastes.

Quite a likeness there.

Catbeard swag.

I'm finding Pirate101 to be a lot more solo-able. The Hydra battle is the only boss I've encountered that's as frustrating as a pre-nerfed Aztecan beast. Kind of needed a henchman for that...

It isn't apparent from these stoned creatures, but Medusa was a surprisingly easy nemesis.

Gotta love crossovers. Where's Malistaire to help you now?! :P

It looks like we have to find a way into Valencia again. I'm thinking that may involve visiting Monquista's second skyway. There are a lot of theories floating around until new content is finally released. I wouldn't mind dropping in on Krokotopia, for one thing.

Won my current first mate in a Twitter giveaway. Him and El Toro can really blow the field away, especially with Riposte :D (one reason I created a Swashbuckler second).

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to whichever update comes first. Wizard's won't come out for at least another month, it seems. Morganthe continues to get a reprieve.

Until next time,

Happy Questing!

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