Monday, March 17, 2014

S.G.S Warehouse Revisited

First off, Happy St. Patricks Day! 

My favorite part of St. Patricks Day :D

I like to think of my 2010 blog days as cringey n00b nostalgia.
My 2011 days weren't much better (I tried way too hard to be funny on my post titles).

That said, you have to go back to 2010 to see my first encounters with the dreaded Warehouse (here and here). I was very, very unlucky. I believe I eventually beat Estrakir, but I can't find that particular post. Nevertheless, he became my worst enemy during those 2010 days (which is saying something considering the grudge I held against Yeva Spiderkeeper).

Thus brings the point of this post: revenging old "unfortunalities", as I once put it.

At some random point a couple years ago, I decided to pick up the Warehouse quest for my Storm wizard, Mycin. That quest has lingered - and tempted - long enough.

The sage Daren (wearing silly low-level gear) marks the beginning. Four people?! Pshaw!

Curiously, the early floors feature Marleybone mobs with Dragonspyre-health. Nothing a blade and a Tempest can't handle.

Haven't manders suffered enough? :P

Never underestimate a crab in a clocktower. It's good to hit hard and quickly here.

Example #1

Did I mention that this is no (crab)cake walk?

This puzzle requires four wizards to stand on four sun tablets simultaneously. 
Another mob battle for me, then.

You and me both..

The bug himself. His business-as-usual attitude is arrogant but refreshing. It's definitely a change from the typical boss reaction, which goes more like... "What's this? A wizard listening in? NO! IT CANNOT BE! KILL HIM!"

There were certainly no pets casting Unicorns in 2010. In fact, the Advanced Pets update was put in only a month before the Warehouse was introduced. I'm willing to limit historical accuracy for the sake of beating this guy, though :P

So I assume a key was found and magically fixed for those who didn't brave the Warehouse. Alright then.

Soloing Estrakir on Mycin didn't come with initial success. I needed a critical at the perfect moment after two previous defeats. However, Estrakir proved to be easier with Arlen - who was, after all, the subject of many defeats at level 50. I filmed the end of my "revenge run" for viewing pleasure:

Okay, I got another critical at the end, but I would've won anyways :P
When Morganthe is gone, I'll have to pick a new archenemy besides Estrakir Gloomthorn, I suppose.

Happy... lucky wouldn't make sense.
Happy Pot O' Gold Finding!

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