Monday, April 28, 2014

Khrysalis - Spawn of Shadow

The Morganthe saga is ending (hopefully), and so are these questing posts. I figure that, with Morganthe being desposed, a new saga will come up and I can take my leave from these posts I began in Celestia. It was a good run, but I'm honestly just bored of pictures and captions lol. Doesn't mean I'll stop blogging after Khrysalis, though. 

On a lighter note --

The perfect hairstyle for my Celestian disco room ;)

Khrysalis, meanwhile has kicked off with some pretty amusing characters and prose so far.

Yes yes, rat with a turtle on a stick. 

Not so poetic but to the point. Gotta love ghost trolls.

...or that crazy toupee hairstyle.

Coleridge's ghostly crew was interesting to meet.

File:(Quest) Thy Glittering Eye Dialogue 1.png

Liked this guy's vocabulary. Certainly not ignoble.
Yay manders :D
..Not so much for the
pernicious Valkyrie sisters.

How cute..?

I'm taking a Giant Beast that acts like a cat into an ocean? Oh boy.

So the inside is like an awesome bug submarine. If I can't go into the Starfall Sea, this is the next best option, I suppose.

Surprise surprise..

Needed an expensive life henchman for this battle. If only they were scorpions ---


Crescent Beach and Taylor Coleridge's story was a little dull, apart from meeting his various shipmates. Crossing the sea to Alcazar was really cool though.

Eerie. Thought the name resemblance to Alcatraz was appropriate here :P

Celestial spirits are fun to rescue.

Whoa. Now there's a contrast with the stormy skies, and a little cliffhanger for my next post.

I'll be back on Saturday to chronicle the awesome plot twists of Radiance Reborn. I may have to briefly stall my posts after that though, with a cramped IRL schedule. I do hope, however, to finish Khrysalis - in game and on this blog - in the next month.

Happy Questing!

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