Saturday, May 3, 2014

Khrysalis - Broken Dreams

It's the shortest area of Khrysalis, but probably the most informative. It's Radiance, but also Remembrance... in a really twisted way.

What did I say? Back to Ghost Avalon :P

PLOT TWIST! ... Well, not yet.

Eww, a slightly sympathetic Morganthe.

And an eviller Malory? D:

I must admit, it was fun playing as a weaker Death character. Even if it was Morganthe..

Which means, instead of terrorizing Avalon, she had to terrorize the whole Spiral *sigh*.

Theeeerrre's the plot twist.

So was colliding heads with Morganthe a possible catalyst for Malistaire's doomed Spiral takeover? Why did Morganthe seek [Undead] Malistaire's help in Azteca if they were at odds once? This opens up a lot of questions. The only obvious fact we learn from this episode is the final event that led to Morganthe's dismissal from Ravenwood. Ah well.

Battling enemies with an already set deck was sort of a cool throwback experience. The battles were pretty difficult, but brief and manageable. Kind of miss that type of system.

Time for Sardonyx!
Basically the Mantis answer to Bastion, Sardonyx (aka Zha-Te-:Ke:-Zang-Zeeyun) was likely a once vibrant community, but has withered under the Shadow Queen. Even the ruling Troika Council lost influence as Morganthe's warlord Balor took power.

This is a pretty awesome place to take over, admittedly.

Time out to get my Medusa pet! Really, Phorcys?

Got to chill with Mr. Taz afterwards :)

Had to deal with a little superiority complex to prepare for...

Well, his superiority complex is more well-founded.

Nothing a Ninja Pig - and a few other attacks - can't handle.

Viva la revoluciĆ³n!
(Happy almost Cinco de Mayo :P)

Next up is the Khonda Desert! I'll be back next weekend, hopefully.

Happy Questing!

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