Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Khrysalis - Arc de Triumphant

If Khrysalis is like Australia, the Khonda Desert is its Outback. That would mean it takes up most of it's land mass though... so never mind. But, the Desert does contain some pretty exotic mice and rabbit tribes.

My tribe name shall be Arlen The OneWhoKills :P

Pyat's cuteness and Dyvim's awesomeness make a perfect tandem.

The other neighbors aren't quite as friendly, unfortunately..

Fun with Ninja Pigs :P

Dyvim will always be my FFF *hugs*

The Solar Arc. Time to unlock the gears of the machine, I guess. Sounds like a place the Armada would like.

I don't think we're in Unicorn Way anymore...

He's definitely not referring to tornadoes, though.

Finally, the wicked witch of the place. Who isn't so scary when you realize..

I want Shadow Creatures for Christmas! Pleeease?

Thank you Death Santa :D

I didn't ask for this though :(

Morganthe's weird obsession with spiders lies ahead.
And this.

Stay tuned for the dramatic entry of a seminal character sometime next week!

Happy Questing!

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