Friday, July 11, 2014

Apocalypse Now & Then

Top Layer: Apocalypse Azteca
Middle Layer: Normal Azteca
Bottom Layer: Azteca... at dusk?

Once the inevitable has occured and Xibalba has hit Azteca, the world just doesn't disappear for us. It's still there to visit, but drastically different. The sky color is eerily similar to Khrysalis, icy bits of comet rain down every which way, the "Song of Creation" riff plays its endless hums.

Whenever a wizard quests through Azteca, every area they encounter will be different once the sky has fallen, so to speak. Here's a comparative look at certain scenes, before and after the apocalypse. Even if tedious, many parts of Azteca are very vibrant and great to explore, but they all end up undergoing this significant change.

** Note: This post won't exactly be text-heavy, but will indeed be very large in pictures. Remember, click to enlarge! **

Three Points - Before

A tranquil marketplace set against the forested backdrop. But a look from the other direction isn't quite as serene..

Perspective changes things, folks :P

It gets worse, though.

Apocalypse loading, aaand...

Three Points -- After

 General calamity, multiple pieces of comet crashing into buildings, three shades of color in the sky. Basically your everyday apocalypse.

"As you can see to the left, the prophecy is indeed coming true, my cold-blooded friends."

Cenote - Before

Mycin, just now coming upon the end of Azteca, checks out the still-tranquil sky while prowling zombie dinosaurs lurk nearby.

Cenote -- After

If not for the overhanging plant life, Arlen might as well be at the center of a pitch black zombie apocalypse. No specks of comet around, though.

Mangrove Marsh - Before

Similar to the Cenote, just some weird purple wisps.

Open air, a plaza, plenty of water - no wonder the reptiles wanted this area back from the avians.

Mangrove Marsh -- After

Unlike the Cenote, the apocalypse feels free to disturb the din.

Conflicts just seem petty now that the air is cloudy and the plaza will become rubble.

Saltmeadow Swamp - Before

Why search for a Fountain of Youth when a comet will kill you? :P

A nice summer shower is usually a good thing...

Saltmeadow Swamp -- After

Sky and swamp turn the same color (and so will the Monquistans when they see what happened)

...Unless you have a comet raining down.

Zultun Dock - Before

The avians tend to pick out good spots, complete with treehouses that look like faces.

Zultun Dock -- After

You guys can fly, right?

There's the differences in the first half of Azteca. Rather similar only if you don't look up or notice crashing pieces of ice all around. I've somewhat warmed to the atmosphere of Azteca while questing, but going there after level 90 is rather gloomy. Hearing the depressing "ah, ah ah ahhhh ... ahhhah uhhh" Apocalypse Theme doesn't help that feeling :P

The other installment (Cloudburst Forest - Twin Giants) will come in a few days. Better not to make one huge post of pictures in this case.

Happy Adventuring!

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  1. I saw both posts and this a a wonderful homage to Azteca. Well done. This storyline was so sad that it drove me from the game for over a year. Nicely handled.
    Chrissy The Blesser


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