Sunday, July 20, 2014

Apocalyse Now & Then (Pt. 2)

Continuing this weeks theme of posting Part IIs, here are some comparison screenshots of Azteca before and after the apocalypse occurs. Don't worry, this post will be a little shorter ;)

Cloudburst Forest - Before

Although the quests are tedious as usual, Cloudburst Forest is my personal favorite area of Azteca. Not only is the music theme wonderfully orchestrated, but it is screenshots like this that become my laptop background.

 Cloudburst Forest -- After

It's rather difficult to see the effects of the apocalypse unless you glance at the forest canopy. Then a piece of comet comes hurtling toward the Tehuano Spirits.

Alto Alto -- After

Apparently I was too lazy to gather some 'Before' shots for this one. Just imagine those two flashes wrecking havoc on toucan houses aren't there.

Being higher up in the forest, it's a little more apparent that the apocalypse is nigh.

 Floating Mountains - Before

Just a nice little shower next to a huge electricity source.

Today's forecast: A few flurries with a 30% chance of impending doom.

Floating Mountains -- After

It's raining too hard to see any comets, but the sky tells the story.

The lava pool's probably safe considering it melts dirty ice in a heartbeat.

Can't say the same for way up in the Islas Nevadas, though..

Twin Giants - Before

I think I know what area will be the first to go :P

 ... On second thought ...

Going into Xibalba to trigger the apocalypse, what fun. On that note, I wrote parts of this post while my Storm and Ice wizard reached Khrysalis. Yay alt leveling!

Twin Giants -- After

A look back at the Floating Mountains, and what is now a scary death spiral.

Not a great time to go flying, I think.

Xibalba remains open, but going there is essentially fruitless. And thus marks the end of Azteca's saga. A picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words, so this post might as well be a 17,000 word chronicle.

A tale of two Aztecas is indeed a sad story, but it is one of the final steps towards Morganthe's defeat. The end of this world is indeed the end of the world, which is unique as it goes.

Hope the screenshots were enjoyable,
Happy Adventuring!

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