Sunday, August 3, 2014

From Storm Sharks to Owls

 Some years ago, I randomly made a third account and stocked it with various Doodle Dug rewards. When KI Free Games released their trivia-for-crowns, I figured, why not make use of the long forgotten newbies?

My highest level wizard was a level 5 Diviner, so I got started on him. Luckily, there was a brief zone sale going on, and I had just enough KIFG crowns to buy every Wizard City area for 375 crowns apiece.

Foulgaze and Nightshade, as always, were quite an annoyance.

Dogs and Clockworks living together? What kind of world do we live in?!

That first power pip is such a proud moment :D

Not cool, man. Houses are .. uh .. friends! Not food.

I'll probably do each area(s) after achieving enough crowns to get by, in the meantime. Looking at my trivia-roundup post two months ago, Krokotopia takes almost 4 months. Of course, I'll probably forget to do some trivia here and there, so it will probably be more like half a year until Marleybone. Good things come to those who take trivia, I suppose.

On the higher-level questing front, my other Diviner has been receiving support from my Thaumaturge. A tank and a damage-based character make for a great team, especially when deep into Azteca.

Although it was nice not worrying about dying, I had to solo for new spells eventually. Enemies ranging from Eke Chuah to Tempest Eels posed a fun new challenge. I wasn't about to try and solo Xibalba, though.

Gross name, funny musical reference :P

The final fight ended up being a vicious cycle of one wizard dying, returning, and the other wizard taking all the incoming attacks and dying. I wasn't very lucky, but thankfully finished the battle after running through several batches of potions.

This moment was just as exciting the second time around, lol.

Not sure when I'll step into Khrysalis again, although I am anxious to reach Exalted on both accounts. For now, here's the status of all 11 wizards (discounting the newbies for now) --

Exalted: 1 Myth
Promethean: 1 Storm, 1 Ice
Archmage: 1 Life, 1 Myth
Transcendent: 1 Death, 1 Fire
Legendary: 2 Balance, 1 Death, 1 Fire

All I can say is, the four wizards waiting to do Zafaria are probably in for a long wait. Sorry, Sorcerers!

Saving Pirate101 for last, I recently created my third pirate, Valkoor Vane! For the first time, I'll be going through the game on a ranged pirate (sorry future Musketeer, you're last in line :P)

Valkoor attempting to look wicked at too early a level. Apparently he forgot that the staff is what completes the outfit. 

After quickly reaching Level 5 and Lasko's new quests, I had an amusing idea. Why not go questing on Valkoor at a pace of one quest a day? Surprisingly, it's been smooth sailing (pun unintended-ish) so far, and I have gotten used to a very steady diet of pirate questing :D

It's a little early, but Mormo is the early front runner for cutest companion ;)

Although I have skipped a day here and there, I made up for it in due time. Questing once a day almost makes me nostalgic for, say, three weeks ago... if that makes sense. Everyday I catching myself thinking: "I was doing that quest in that area over a month ago?! Wow, feels like yesterday."

I'm mostly curious to see how long Cool Ranch will take (I'm guessing I'll still be there by Christmas), and where this pace will take me, really. In fact, I just found the Monkey's Paw a few hours ago. Thankfully, it looks like Monquista will *only* take a couple weeks.

It's okay Pancho, I feel the same way.

I'll be back soon for a fishing recap of my nearly complete Angler's Tome -- Until then,

Happy Questing!


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  1. Really fun post and great screenshots. You have a nice whimsical style with delightful tongue in cheek thrown in for good measure. Great read. :D


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