Monday, August 25, 2014

Sharrrks In Arrrgust

Thanks to the Discovery Channel and the weird tradition they started, Wizard101 and Pirate101 celebrated Shark Week in their own way. On the Pirate side, shark-related items were put on sale... including the Cutthroat Bundle.

So, with last week's deal going on, I went ahead and purchased my first Pirate101 bundle. That meant looking through the Cutthroat's Cove house for the first time. I'm pretty out of the loop when it comes to these things..

It's certainly spacious, but I feel like Pirate101 doesn't have enough furniture to work with right now. That, and I'd like to make the house a mix of Robinson Crusoe and Jurassic Park, but I've never seen the movie :P
Meanwhile, the PvP area is pleasantly useful for open-air dueling. Me and Ma1kavian may need some practice for the upcoming P101 Central Tournament.

CHOMP! Now onto the Wizard101 side of Shark Week, where the Warhammerhead Shark made its introduction.

The 64th fish -- and first seasonal one -- is swimming around most of Grizzleheim for another week. They're actually easy to catch for Epic fish; I've caught 50 (across four characters) so far. In pursuing the unusual Warhammerhead Shark, here are a few things to remember:

Although classified as an Epic fish, Warhammerheads behave more like Rare fish. They reside in four areas: Vigrid Roughland, Northguard, Helgrind Warren, and Triton Avenue. Being the only Storm species in Grizzleheim, it isn't difficult to locate one.

Warhammerhead Sharks also fetch a high price at fishing vendors. They're always worth upwards of 2,000 gold.

Don't forget to catch one before they're gone! I'm still trying to catch a Whopper for my little Aquarium Project, personally. I've crafted homes for 20/64 species, and have a loose goal to catch a Whopper or Small Fry of every fish.

Getting there, one Dekoi at a time.

Happy Fishing!

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