Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Quest A Day Keeps The Juju Away

..Although I didn't entirely bind myself to one quest a day, per se. It was more like, 3 quests during the week and then 4 to catch up on over the weekend. Nevertheless, Wicked Valkoor Vane is done questing! Here is the first of two posts with his travels over 3 worlds in approximately 3 months.

Barely level 40, Valkoor sailed into Mooshu relying on Dan Drake's sharpshooting. To be fair, I did have my companions set on random.

After breaking up some weddings in Mooshu, it was evident that maybe a few Cool Ranch companions were becoming obsolete. Sorry, Skyfire. I love your name but would prefer tasking you 24/7.

When doing one quest a day, you realize just how long the infamous Inoshishi quest is. For once, I entirely agreed with Ratbeard.

On the guise of getting Mormo a cooler Mardi Gras mask, the introduction to Moo Manchu went off with few hitches.

Okay, I cheated a little and did a side quest too.

...but it was for an awesome, fire-wielding helephant. :D
General Tso's dungeon was a real challenge -- enough that all but 3 or 4 of my companions had died after several battles with him. [T]so, I only had one more chance with Carcarius as my best companion.

After a long battle and minimal health left, the chicken was successfully threatened! On to Khotan!

First, an obligatory Stormzilla screenshot. Tiny arms are your worst enemy when tumbling into a hill.

With enough Will and a Super hit, I was pleasantly surprised with the damage Valkoor could do. With regular hits of 1000+, Khotan was smooth sailing for the most part.

The awesomeness of Kan Po really comes through at pivotal moments. Hamakala Temple is one of my favorite battles -- very difficult but not terribly frustrating.

The Metal Guardian challenge, though... that's pretty frustrating.

With Mooshu complete, I took a moment to hang with the levitating cow.

Oh, and Kan Po took care of the whole Yak-wearing-sunglasses dungeon. On to Marleybone!

A little comfortable bliss before all the war stuff.

Nothing like Beachhead for action movie screenshots!

Bishop is also a fun battle, with or without the sweet Witchdoctor powers.

Bad breath rebels, on the other hand -- not so much.
Even if many of my companions regularly died, I got through Marleybone with relative ease. Having one quest a day can actually be pretty convenient with the recent (well, ten months old, but it doesn't feel that long ago) Advanced Companions update.

I also came through with a cleaner conscience! Sort of.

Catbeard... not so much.

On to Monquista! Err, Aquila.

Like Gortez and his Queen, may your Valentine's Day be regal... and not full of civil wars and monkey business.

Happy Questing!

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