Wednesday, April 11, 2012

For Lack Of A Better Post Title...

Agh, Avalon. Must you remind me my 2nd account needs crowns for ZF - now AV? (AL? AN?)
Really though, I'm surprised they've released one so soon after the puzzle.. wasn't ZF released just 5 months ago too? But hey, I'm really not complaining.. it looks so majestic by the few pictures I've seen. Anyways, I'll move more onto that topic when it hits Live. It's Death Duo time again.

I love this little nook in Vestrilund, obviously.

First cast of Scarecrow in the dank, dark caves - fitting.

Arlen got his little piggy. Woot!
A lot of tries on Alura were to no avail, however. Could be her level. In a day of boredom, I actually did most of WC on Alura, so she's my next character to work on.. after some of my other characters do Avalon, of course.

Love these words ;D

Seeing someone else cast Storm Lord. Fun.

And casting a spell myself, hehe.

Ravens on rhinos don't bode well..

Notice how precariously close the shark-head is to the Spiral.. o:

The duo beat the first major area of CL, besting the Stellarium a couple days ago and currently starting the Floating Lands. Love the scenery there.

Lastly, a sneak peek at Chase's house. It's a corpse wedding! There's also a diseased pool, furnace room and torture chamber in the place. Creepysauce.

Okay, I'm low on material and time. I'll leave you guys with a link to trusted #twizard Diana Wildheart's blog (<<

Happy Questing!


  1. Congrats on getting pigs! It's really fuuuuuun. :)

  2. Last couple sentences omitted for some reason, rewrote but still won't post, so sorry about the sudden post ending. Here's a "Happy Questing!" :P

    @Heather Thank you--- they're cute :D


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