Saturday, March 17, 2012

Don't Fear The Reaper.. again.

Happy last day of Shamrock Shakes for another year!
The Death duo has:
-Gotten to Vestrilund (2 WT areas!)
-Beaten DS (Couldn't get to CL because of level 48 requirement)
-Achieved level 48 and didn't really work on any houses

Not bad.

Could of just used this to break open the egg instead of fighting 10 Juggernauts who over-use death shields..

The spell is useful in a bit of cases, but I wish they'd lessen the consequences. Balanceblade is 5% less, but is 0 pips and doesn't require a 'sacrifice'. I'm okay with some sacrifice, but either making Dark Pact 0 pips or making the damage 100 or 200 would help. But hey, glad I have the spell :P

Pirate > Raven

JUXTAPOSITION! (Good word for English class)

And so, the duo finished the Forum. Always a good photo opportunity with Father Drake, especially with the matching red ;)

I feel awesome killing Malistaire with one of his past servants.

*eyeroll* Clever..

How is a bird related to Bartleby?

In the well.. this would be a good nuclear fallout shelter (creepy thought, I know)

I love summoning dead things.

Even better, fluffy things! :3 Sadie is scared, though.

Aaand it's time for the Scarecrow quest. ". . . terrible nightmares for a year . . . insane with terror." Creeeepy.

lol, backwards

Music scroll find :)

Quest name fail (same quest name in a GH quest :P) good song though!

1) I love it when random people watch.
2) Sadie's sinking o_o..

Poor "King" Sadie is going in the backpack soon..

So, let's set some goals for the beginning of April:
  • Get to Nastrond
  • Beat Survey Camp-Grotto
  • Finish DS crafting quest on Cheryl, start CL crafting quest (Chase is a Master Artisan!)
Running out of time, so I'll wrap it up there. Time to finish Vestrilund, start Celestia and watch some college basketball. Have a good week(s)!

Happy Questing!

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