Saturday, March 3, 2012

End Of The Worlds

First of all, there's a new layout for this month. As Spring is a'coming, that pretty but outdated winter theme had to go. And, hey, nothing's wrong with a little St. Patrick's wallpaper!

February 18-March 3:
Labyrinth -> Forum
Hall of Valor -> almost done with Ravenscar

That's the last couple weeks in a nutshell.. I didn't quite finish DS and GH, but I'm pretty darn close. And I had an extra day! :P

The Jotun & brothers battle was pretty epic with just two level 42 death wizards. Cheryl and Chase were forced to under 500 health multiple times, as you can see on this finishing hit on Ullik:

That 1,059 health was very crucial, needless to say. It also looks like Jotun is breathing out some blue-ish air. Never knew his breath was that bad.

I didn't get anything good, but finishing this battle was enough for me :P
The duo also did the Labyrinth 1 1/2 times (remember the Obsidian Chest. Bleh.), and the Crystal Grove last weekend. These last couple of days have been the second part of the Drake Hatchery and Ravenscar (dang, that place is long). So, just the Forum, Great Spyre, and the last half of Ravenscar to go before finishing two worlds. Though Celestia and Wintertusk are long, that higher EXP is lovely :)

I also did a teeny bit of work on Chase's new Death house. So far, just the little skull path you can see in the front, some diseased mushrooms around the pool and one room inside the house. It's pretty creepy so far, and I'm finding myself more ambitious on furniture items here, as some I want are from the Nightmare Hoard Pack. Guess I have to wait until October to fulfill some items :P

Other than questing on the Death duo, a little housing and daily gardening, not much else to be included in this post. I did go to my first twizardDC "meeting" this afternoon. I'm all for a derby-racing club, and I had several fun races. Chico is a good racer and KBB is a good opponent! To come, just stop by the Pixie realm Pet Pavilion at 1 PM EST on Saturdays :) I'll take some pics next week.

Lastly, I guess I'll establish a new routine here by making a goal to do by 3-16:
- Beat that first area of Wintertusk who's name escapes me at the moment
- Beat the Survey Camp
- Get to level 45
- Work on one of my houses a bit

Similar things - beat X areas, work on house, etc.. maybe I'll do some crafting later on.
Well, have a good early March! And remember to set those clocks on March 11th, of course.

Happy Questing!

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