Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pieces Of 58

My, my. 'Pirate101'. We can count on Monquista, Valencia and Polaris (with penguins!) as possible new worlds. I don't have much time to go into great detail, but check out these sites for more information:
I am so digging the concept of being a Musketeer or Swashbuckler. Picture it: Musketeer Arlen Dawneyes II, King Of The Seas ;P
Anyways, while I still wait for Avalon and a possible beta invite to Pirates101, I've worked a bit on Alura and of course, the Death duo.
For the record, "Parvus sed potens" is available in Text Chat. So, if you ever feel like it, say:
The frog subtly tells the Pixies he had a bad sandwich for lunch.
And, onto the Death duo, who reached the Crustacean Empire and, ding, 58! :D

Though this first picture is out of place, little known fact: Wraiths love caves. Bad news for Gullin.

Lava caves, too!

3 Star Necklaces? Reallllly.

12 items? I'll take it.
Skeletal Drake treasure card says RAWR.
Bye bye, Wintertusk!

Little consolation, it still looks scary *shiver*

This should give you a good look into how risky that Osseus Nightreaver battle was. THANK YOU WRAITH!

Out of place pictures again? Sigh, you win, new Blogger layout.

Dark Scarecrow says HIIIII

Though we're going backwards in time, those stars are pretty.

Now we're all the way back in the Floating Lands? Drake treasure card doesn't mind.

Do Vampires have to suck water when they attack Sea Spirits?

Okay, I'm running low on time.. no, really!
I'll end with the honorary Pirate101 Valencia wallpaper dethroning  my Cherry Blossom  desktop wallpaper. YAY!

Happy Questing!

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