Saturday, May 5, 2012

Avalon - The Beginning

Avalon is out, which means.. a post every day! For a little while, at least.
I would of started the series of posts yesterday but I dislocated my knee.. not pretty.
To put the Avalon Test Realm into perspective, it took 23 days to get from TR-LR, whereas it took 19 days for CL a year and a half ago - the announcement of P101 was likely a factor. Though it was a tough wait, it doesn't matter much. I can tell you, I was excited last Wednesday (and still am)!
First off, defeat of a Jade Oni is required to get into Avalon. You know AV is going to be pretty darn tough when the first boss has 11,000 health - much tougher than Malistaire.

And here we go into the whole 'Council of Light' thing. Confusing.

Like THAT will help........

First glimpse of Avalon: A pretty, somewhat primitive place that reminds one of Alice in Wonderland.

Oh look, more anthropomorphic dogs!

Though it wasn't Myth Wyrm (aka Basilisk) on Fire Wyrm, Medusa did the trick.

...Okay, I don't even want to know what happened to the person in the armor..

Tonight---the ferret DIES. Or badger, possum, whatever.

My stormy goodness, Panteras are SO CUTE. Level 88 spell idea, pllleaaaassse?

..This guy, on the other hand - yeah, I don't want him in my spellbook.

Part mammoth, part ram, part unexplained extra-terrestrial being here.

I'll take the badge, but not an 'arrow to the face', thanks.

I love how high some of these staircases go.

Beatles album for a street name? I'll take it!

It is pretty dull, however - imagine the Beatles crossing the road here. Not the same effect.

Cool library-ish place, though! Francis Lux also gives a training-point quest.

That about does it for the first part of Avalon. Caer Lyon comes next, continuing the whole 'look-for-important-sword-end-up-doing-other-people-favors-cycle'. It gets pretty maddening by the time you finish The Wild.

Happy Questing!

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