Sunday, May 6, 2012

Avalon - The Hunt Continues

So, we venture into the village of Caer Lyon, a humble town full of residents who want to move to Caliburn or rich residents who own estates. A last stop before the well-known Weirwood area, Caer Lyon is a pretty diverse setting, home to foxes, panteras, froudlings, Red Caps, possums (badgers?) and dogs, to name a few. Sort of like a main crossroads in Avalon. A lot of interesting characters to be seen....
Like this guy, who plays a watermelon on a stick and calls the Fomori "handsome"
How'd he know? o_O
Though cute, Panteras are deadly, don't mistake that.

How'd they tie this thing to the ceiling? Or did they borrow a portion of Skyway.. hmm..

Basically, arranging the nuptials of a Dryad and Fox can lead to some conflicts.

One of the many estates in Upper Caer Lyon.. apparently turning over chairs is a custom.

And so we arrive at The Wild, the first part of Weirwood..

Greeted by evil little owls - though they also look somewhat cute, how evil is locking up a Unicorn?!

I suppose I'm supposed to fight combustible lemons later?

Looks more like a sacrificial torture room. Fun.
If you're having trouble with White Owl Tower, grab the green flask at the far right on the windowsill, then the square blue flask at the back. Lastly, a case of Mushrooms will do the trick. If you get any wrong, you get an extra balance owl boss with 3 minions, so be careful (and I would recommend marking your spot)!

I'm seriously questioning what I came here to get - a 'Learning to Read' book or something else? Also, did that Ogre use kitchen materials to arm himself? lol, that will definitely deflect my Medusa.

The second half of the Wild (and a little Upper Caer Lyon) to come next, though I don't think I can post it tomorrow. Expect the next post by Wednesday!

Happy Questing!

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