Saturday, May 12, 2012

Avalon - Dun Dara/Outer Yard

Firstly, I'd have more pictures, but I forgot to transfer some from a computer currently residing a few miles away. I'll bring them in next post, so a couple posts may have pictures that are a little out of order. Anyways, this post will include Dun Dara and Outer Yard, while the next post will probably have a few leftover Wyrd pictures and the Lakeshore.
One of the first 9-pip spells I've encountered. Ouch. At the very end of Outer Yard, I'd been hit with the 9-pip spells of each school.
One of the first of quite a few Monty Python/Holy Grail references here in Avalon. Tehehe. 
*The following video has some gore*

Oh, hello there, Roger.. ;P

Finn and Melusine the merfoxes. Yes. Merfoxes.

I don't see how it's helpful if he just stands there..

All the new Knights Of The Round Table. Good friends :D

And so we get to the Outer Yard. Looks pretty crowded yet short, with a boy resembling Justin Bieber. (Terrible comparison, yes..)

My goodness, this made me crack up.

Pretty ingenious - replace the grenade with an explosive pomegranate of all things!
The Lakeshore - mostly remarkable for a major Effluent spill culminated by a house rocking on kudzu. Sounds exciting! I'll post about it tomorrow.
Happy Questing! 

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