Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Avalon - Weirwood

Arlen continues into Avalon..
..Encountering, of all things, a decorated ostrich.

And this little froudling here. Trust me, I don't taste that great.

Finally back in the Wild.. or is Unicorn Way? Instead, we have teeny elf imitators locking up the pixies. Fun.

Ah, a boss which happens to be an unidentifiable creature.

Followed by another, possibly a Wyrm who inherited beaver teeth.

With some help from a friend, Jabberwock's cheating ways were overcome. Don't really want to do that fight again :P

Ickickickick. TMI, Kingsisle :P

So frabjous, that all mimsy were the borogoves, and the mome raths outgrabe! And, so we go galumphing back to our adventures.

Encountering the creepy-looking second part of Weirwood, The Wyrd.

That is some wicked XP if I do say so myself :D

The first boss encountered who uses a level 68 spell, possibly - the level 74 spell boss, Hrefna. Used Katz's Monster 4 times during the battle. How may enemies here have apparent beaver teeth?!

That's new. Imps make greenish light from their houses? Sweet.

What's up with the other side of his body? Maybe my medusa? :P

Not so nameless anymore ;P
The second part of the Wyrd comes next, followed by Dun Dara and some Monty Python references *snicker*. Also, congrats to TFN on the Kingsisle job! WOOTs!

Happy Questing!

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