Sunday, February 27, 2011

CL Housing going LIVE

"Wizard101 will be offline tonight from 3am to 6am* Central US Time for regular scheduled maintenance. This downtime is to allow for the updates currently on the Test Realm to be made into the Live Game." (-continue with all the obvious 'not allowed to log in during time' stuff here-). WOOT Finally! Lets see, about 4 weeks? Longest TR yet, guess Kingsisle is busy with other things. Can't wait to buy the houses, been holding about 200,000 gold for a long time. So, its actually going to be a good Monday ;). Dugan is almost at Efreet, staying up a bit to quest in the Science Center on him, he may have it tomorrow just FYI! Happy Farming!

*Note: Thank you to Alric for pointing it out on Twitter (and I'm the first to blog about it! xD)

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