Thursday, February 10, 2011

Et tu, Dugan?

Dugan followed in Arlen & Mycin's footsteps today (I'd have Tarlac do it, but I know he'd easily finish off Mali. Wish I had tried at LvL 50 for him too ;))

Walking across treacherous paths with lava pits under. Brrr. So, after doing the 'preview-Crowns-house-in-middle-of-duel-trick' (which I hear won't be around anymore according to Test Realm. Dagnabbit!) to skip the Fire Gurtok, Dugan found himself in the Crown of Fire.

Ice Drakes can't handle Dragon's heat. Got a 'Pest Zapper' spell from one :)

After a few more Crowns-shop-previewing-houses trick to get more health after the minion battles and to go first vs. Malistaire (had to do it 4 times before he would surrender going first in this important duel) Dugan bravely confronted the evil Death Teacher (do I hear "Tenure for Dworgyn!"?), summoned a LvL 60 Life henchman, who was very un-selfish, but healed me a LOT at the beginning when I hadn't lost any health at all. Luckily, the enemies decided to go after the Life henchman, and killed her off just as I summoned all-might Dragon to throw the minions off the circle

Had I not finally found Dragon that turn, I may have eventually lost :o
With a load of buffing, Death/Myth shields (not that the Myth shields did anything. Dugan's 2nd school is Life) and a couple Sprites to escape further harm, 1 Helephant and 1 14-pip Heckhound later... (with all blades and traps -including Feint- I had, Heckhound did an astounding 4,950 damage on its 1st turn)


DOUBLE WOOT! Valentine's Wand... :D

I HAD to make that picture. Happy early Valentine's Day, all!

Sporting a sweet new badge from doing all of DS Academy's side quests, Dugan is ready to enter Celestia, and a 4th Grandmaster Wizard's journey through CL has begun.

lol, speaking of CL, glitchy spot in Stormriven which I thought was pic worthy.

And, lastly, Mycin and questing-partner Blaze Stormthief (I will learn how to link a name when I feel like it, lol. He runs the awesome blog The Word From Stormthief) overran the Chancel last night. Funny thing, it didn't make us fight Optio Vitale, the annoying Balance boss. Bug? Hmm. Oh, notice the badge from earning 23,000+ EXP after the battle? :D 3rd Legendary wizard! Just the Trial of Spheres remains, which we may do this weekend. ... Happy Soloing!

P.S. News from Twitter that Mega Snacks are now 'No Auction' in the Test Realm as well. *sigh* just like the Wayfinder $cheme back in Summer, huh? Darn exploiters, the $cheme was an accidental find KI should've found though. So was the Gardening exploit, although you could earn INFINITE rewards, o_o


  1. Great action shots, congrats all the way around!

  2. Thanks, it was just a spur of the moment "why don't I solo Mali on Dugan?" kind of thing :) now progressing with CL questing, which is a great way to get gold for Mycin & Arlen (the many trash loot)


Have a splendiferous day! :)