Friday, February 25, 2011

Don't Stop Believing..

Hey Gang! (taking up Luke's example..heh, sorry)
Check out what payed off from farming Cuthalla!

Yup! Training it to Adult while Mycins Silver Trumpets have to be taken care of too.
Go Lady Tigra! Special thanks to Cuthalla too :)

So, there was an inauguration PvP Party to Fallon's RR takeover (for awhile) tonight. Both fights I saw/was in were LONG.

Arrived late, watched 1/2 hour for the end of the one before. Then I joined one. Not sure how long it took... an hour, more or less. Very matched well, our side went first (Alric -"Tio", me, Cass - "Tia", and Allan, a Legendary Fire.) So, eventually the other side (Jasmine - Storm, KBB, Fallon - Storm and Erin "Panglou" - Life) got earthquaked a little too much (you know who's responsible for that, teehee) and all, so Kevin went down the hard way, my Medusa (above) stunning him and Alric finishing him off. KBB doesn't die much! Very fun, overall. Random singing of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" happened (maybe my favorite 80's song, Journey FTW. Title of this post too. Its a little annoying when my Dad sings it though -_-) so...yea. Don't Stop Believing in taking down KBB :P lol. Gratz to Fallon of course! :D. So, not much else has been happening; a little Death Cyclops farming (well, a LOT once I think about it) has been futile, Greystone is easy but plays hard-to-get xD. I'd post the music to the song, btw, but Blogger (or maybe IE) wants to close itself down everytime I try to. I tried *keyword: tried* to solo Briskbreeze today, but Forest Lord came within 2000 of killing and I died, but I know how to handle my deck for Orrick more now. I think I can pull it off tomorrow. The Helpful Wizard did it on a Life wiz, so why not? Happy PvPing!


  1. OMG, I LOVE THAT SONG! It's in my Ipod Nano's playlist! :D

  2. Woot, not but 30 minutes after my latest blog post, I too go the spiny fish! And then...20 min after that, I got it again! Lol. :D I leveled the first one to almost adult. The first talent so far has been storm blade. Totally stoked! Woot. Go you, go me, go everyone! XD


Have a splendiferous day! :)