Thursday, February 17, 2011

{Insert Catchy Title Here}

You know I have trouble with titles sometimes (Exploiting Bacon a week ago... LOL)
Anyway, thanks for the well wishes last post. Went today, aced a History Test :)
So, this is mostly other characters news. Dugan started CL...

Okay, Rupert, don't misguide us like that! "ALWAYS carrying little pots full of algae..." I mean, really? Grrr :P

I captured a couple cool pictures while questing. Here's part of the "Sky-Fish".

Dugan poses after finishing the Floating Lands
Eww... are there rats falling in that stuff?
Stuck under a Worker's Tent can truly lead to some new experiences.
Mycin and Blaze finished off Celestia last week :D (Gratz on your Legendary status, too, Blaze)
Life Troll farming paid off... in another way. How sweet is that wand!?! Tristan & Chase are drooling for LvL 15 to use it, now ;). Valentina left the Spiral (to the world of Misfit Toys outside the Spiral or what?) so you have to wait one more year to buy or farm it from Krokopatra if you want it.
Tarlac attending one of the many KBB PvP parties. Epic fun. And, Fallon, why are you doing a Mary Poppins dance with that Balance guy over there? :P
This is mostly what I've been doing the last couple days. It FINALLY payed off a little. Grum finally dropped a Lion-ish Guardian Statue but Yakedo holds firm in dropping Diseased Wildclaws (I want 2 Statues, one for MS and 1 for Statue/Pets house, and 2 Wildclaws, 1 for GH and 1 for Statue/Pets house). So, yea, I'm REALLY into housing and pet collecting and all. Oh, the farming list is long. In other news, I won't bother you w/the biggest W101Fan contest, as thats on the Launcher... Fallon Storm is taking the place of Leesha, who apparently is taking a break I hear. I saw some of Ravenwood Radio last night, I personally think Fallon sounds like Ms. Narrator (compliment? :D). I believe thats it. I'm training a Fierce Hound named Chico that I hatched with myself and a Sea Dragon. So far, it has Tower Shield (deffz from Dragon) and Health Gift (I always seem to get that -_-). Hoping for Spritely at Ancient, I suppose. Happy Late Ditto Day, and Happy Farming! :)

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