Monday, February 28, 2011

A Seal From Sothkethup

Hey Gang! Mycin beat the Lunarium last night

(Thanks Paige!)

And quested a long time to beat the Science Center. <- Phoenix FTW

Also soloed Acastus Hexfin like Tarlac! Took 2 tries :)


:O (5 health, heheh)

Hmm...what for?

A seal from Sothkethup -or whatever your name is-! (I can't remember his name for more than a minute, lol). He was fun, long, but fun to fight. I wish I could duel him again! Bah.

I notice a typo on the Quest :P

Yea...not the best pic. (check out gear, btw. Only stitched the Hat :))

W00t! Dunno what to name him. Alex? (thats the closest thing to Aladdin that I can think of...)

Taking out Mako and first cast :D

And, of course, I crafted that truly!

In the process of a little beginning decorating. Awesomeness :). Dugan just has the Chancel and TotS to go now. Happy Farming!

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