Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Scorched Earth

Hey everyone! So, the last couple days have been full of PvP. I forgot to take more pictures though :/. So, Tarlac did a little 2v2 with Amber Rosepetal, so I nicknamed the team 'Scorched Earth'; a military tactic IRL and Scorched = Fire, Earth = Life. Today, it was a bit of 4v4 with, who else, but Arlen. Team was with Kelsey Fireheart (Fire), Angel Winterbreeze (Ice) and Diana Wildheart (Life). So, they kindly offered me on their team, and I developed a 4v4 deck.

lol, Kelsey looks like she's shaking a maracca. So, Scorched Earth and the unnamed 4v4 team were both 2-1. Ironically, the 4v4 team won its 2 battles while going second, and lost its only battle going first. And, of course, the other team wasn't exactly pleasant when we lost. "Dispel chainers"... I mean, really? Every once in a while, we'd put a good Ice or Life dispel up. Come on. And they were stunned once every few rounds, which is NOT chain stunning, that is EVERY round. But they didn't get it. Anyways, Arlen has a slightly losing record as it has been for a while, but is inching up to get past 500 and soon Corporal. Tarlac has gone on and off from Knight to Captain, but is now just a nudge over Knight and Captain :). I guess my 1v1 days are over, 4v4 is a bit less pressure if you ask me, hehe.
In other news, David & Dustin are leaving the Spiral. We'll miss your presence and blog a lot guys! But they'll still be on Twitter and such (but still, not the same). And, just want to clear up a misconception on Leesha: She clearly said she wasn't leaving FOREVER, but for a while (forget exact words, but I know its not forever). So, we'll miss her for the time being, but Leesha should be back in the future :).
Ok, thats it, I believe. Kingsisle is way too late on the updates coming into Live, so STILL hoping its this week :P. Also, Tarlac used up a bit of tickets for a Grand Cyclops statue for Arlen's future Statue/Pet house so yea... Happy Farming!

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