Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Exploiting Burgers

Text post time! (In other words, not many pics)
So, yea, you've heard of the new Test Realm Gear and the exploiting of Plants, right? Either you haven't seen the login screen or haven't been to Friendly's blog yet...

Anyway, my opinions:

Baconator Gear - A little overrated, I think. Cards w/it aren't needed much, and why does it have Energy stuff on it? - They should add that part to the Beastmaster Stuff and maybe up the price on that. Its pretty cool though, Stun Block and all. I just hate how boy wizards have to look like a person who has a beer gut with it on. I'm not planning on buying it.

Elven Gear - Cool for newbies! It brings back the OLD Astral Gear (I don't want to start a story here, but it was gear for gold in the MS Shops in the beginnings of Wizard101) looks, with neat little symbols on them. I just wish I hadn't stitched Mycin's boots from the old Astral Boots, as those would be awesome for Chase when he hits 35-50, but they look so...doggone...awesome. Not a fan of the droopy hat, big robe and boots look though.

Puppetmaster Gear - 2 words: Useless cards. Its good without the cards, as those can take up precious space in your deck and aren't very good. Again, good stats though. But not planning on buying it.

Swindler - As Friendly pointed out, I'd buy it as a 15 wizard :). Although, money doesn't grow on trees, and I'm only a teenager of course, so I'm not making plans to buy it.

Birdcallers Set - Probably worth a buy! I just don't like that GH look, the wolves look is cooler. I think I'll buy it for my account full of gals, when I get around to buying a ton of crowns for them. Anyone tested the Stormbird animation yet? :)

Lifeforce Blade - DEFINITELY going to buy before I do any more PvPing on Tarlac. Nice old crowbar look from the soon-to-be retired CL Sword. KI, I am going to purchase this.

- Exploiting Stacked Towers Fiasco -

So, some mischevious wizard went through Kingsisle's defenses and found a glitch in stacked towers. Move the seed, or something like that, and you can harvest as many times you want. Yea, you may never need gold or certain things again, but consider yourself banned if you do this, which is the fate of those mischevious wizards going along with this. Plus, it hurts us innocent wizards, as KI put some 'Crime Scene' tape around everyone's houses for a day. Ouch. Glad my plants are nearly Elder! And I sold the loot I got from Chancel runs on Tarlac instead of transferring via Shared Bank to Mycin & Arlen so they can have more gold to buy the CL houses when they come out (we can't access our banks since they are in our houses too -_-). KI should fix it tonight, and all will be normal. I'm hearing lots of people getting banned, just their mischief ;). Oh, Tarlac used the gold for a bunch of TC Towers for PvP, gold spent well. So, cheating is a lose-lose situation for everyone. 'Nuff said.

That's basically it. Here are some funny pics I took running around Stormriven Hall (which I love doing. Idk why. I get lots of Silver Chests here too :D) for you all who like them :)

The body-less Kraken stole Tarlac's Tiger. A Centaur took care of that.

CTRL + G is your friend. Thats how my pictures don't show all those little things, like chat and those crystal balls, etc. I thought, why not try it while in a Silver Chest game? (Don't worry, I hadn't started the game yet... didn't lose it :P). So, its Tarlac & Tiger in pitch-blackness. Hehe :).

Oh, one more thing: I am basically done with the CL Observatory :D WOOT! Chancel bosses refused to drop Sunstones. Sandstones, yes, but not Sunstones. So, I bought a few, just a couple left. And of course, crafting slots. Takes 2 more days till I can fully make those last Street Lamps. But other than that, I'm basically done. Thanks, oh generous wizard from Twitter, for selling me a CL Shield! (please don't change any more requirements, will you KI?!?).

Also, Jess The Theurge ( made a great poem on the whole situation, much like "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost that we're doing in English (and, of course, writing an essay on it -_- As Schroeder from Peanuts said "Explaining a poem is like explaining a Summer Sky, or a Winter Moon..." "Or a pretty face ;)" - Lucy) so I'd recommend reading it :D

Till next time... Happy Banhammering!

(P.S. If you haven't heard, the Ice & Balance house are on sale in the Crowns shop for 20,000 less Crowns as well!)

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