Monday, February 21, 2011

Sights of the Spiral - Grand Chasm Past

So, I was expecting the Test Realm to open into the Live Realm the past couple days, and make a blog announcement, which hasn't happened yet :P. So, 4 days is enough without posting ...

Well, first off, there was a unofficial PvP bash, with lots of people watching the "Team Perfect Catch" (consisting of the wizards in this photo, except me. And replace Ethan w/Fallon S.). I made this funny photo, check out for the days events :). Ronan changed into a Treant, made disco moves, HILARIOUS. So, a lot of people used up their saved Treant Morphs from long ago. I changed into an Elf & Krok to make up for that.

Random photo of the Stormriven 5. Some 'Magnifier' thingy accidently popped up so I zoomed in on this Forest Lord ;P.

OVERHEAL! Critical plus lots of different Guiding lights and a 14 pip Dryad, btw ;)

MEGALUS (Twitter. Funny name, like Panglou, lol) helped me out in Practice PvP by using this Medusa on me. I used all sorts of Myth shields, etc, (no absorb) and it hit 0. Also made the same sound as an Absorb would make while deflecting a hit, lol. (Alric's tweet pops up, forget that xD)

Another catch of TPC (Team Perfect Catch) dueling, and me eating up Angel. BACON! Okay, now into the Grand Chasm Past...

I've probably said this before, but I hate Dragonspyre. So, the only world not in a Sights yet was DS, so I remembered the Grand Chasm Past, which is the ONLY place there I really like. It reminds me of the Monkees Pleasant Valley Sunday for some reason. (Blogger isn't letting me post the music. Look it up yourself :P)

Ah... so serene. Trees like Triton Avenue, DS Pillars, MS Sky & water :).

The Volcano is even like Mooshu's! (Lets hope MS doesn't get into a huge dragon war O_o). How awesome.

NOOOO! CHICO! :O. Anyways, the water is awesome too. Actually not polluted and filled with lava.

Triton Avenue Tree! (seriously KI, why is that not a furniture item?)

And the big boss, who apparently likes to imitated Gurtok Firebender and needs a diet big time.
Another thing I like is Vasek Ashweaver's italian accent. "LORDS OF LIGHT!!!" (can't get enough of that saying). So, that's it, and farming in-game right now is for 8 Otomo's Naginatas for several houses. I only need 1 more, then some Domed Tree's for Mycin's MS house (MS House farming FTW) - - - Happy Farming!

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