Sunday, June 27, 2010

#2 the winner!

In my Party costume contest ( last post ) #2 ( Swashbuckler hat, Noble garb and Noble footwear ) won! In the 3 comments I recieved one was definitely for 2, one was for 1,2,4 and 5 and one for 2 and 6. The only one that didn't get a vote was #3 which only had different footwear xD. So I'll wear the #2 MB fancy costume to my house-party tomorrow thanks! I got back from grandma's last night but haven't posted till now since I've been trying out my new Wii games, Sports resort mainly, basketball, cycling, table tennis, flying are probably my favorite out of 12 sports in that game. Also NBA11 and Tiger Woods11. But my dad already had Tiger Woods11 ( he's really good at Wii golf ) so we're going to return that for a comic book probably :). And for books I got the latest Garfield ( Garfield weighs his options, lol ) and a pretty random fact book called "The book of useless information" Yea some facts are like "so what?" but then again there are some facts that raise your eyebrows :D. Anyway I also got a Mega snack pack gift from one of my great friends in-game Samantha Daisyleaf, she doesn't blog but says she looks at this one sometimes :). One awesome thing I got from the mega-snacks was...

Woot! If you read my last post you may have noticed closely in my costume snapshots an "Epic" reading above Lord Spike. The Mega snacks were the ONLY thing to get Spike to Epic before I left :). But alas, again, he got some pretty bad talents. As you can see, Tenacious, 5o Strength, only a little help and Exhausted which takes some morale from the leader I think ( I was kinda hoping for something like Bombardier or the walls in every lane derby talent ;). ) I already had a lot of snacks but like I said, the mega snacks kept me from waiting to get back to level Spike to Epic :D. Here's your proof

And now I'm training my Life Minotaur till Ancient for the spell...

I: just 12 mana if you are wondering, plus the Banana is only for one lane. That's the news for now, I will be pretty free till near Mid-July when I have yet another daily camp then at the end of the month I visit a family friend in North Carolina then visit Michigan ( the state I used to live in ), possibly an aunt in Illinois and a one-day stop in Pittsburgh to see another family friend. But most of August is free ( gasp! ). And I just logged in and Samantha over-did it again

Hehe, third gift in a week! You are too awesome Samantha :D. Hope the Celestia quests come out this week! Happy Farming!

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