Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fellow bloggers leaving and coming back

First of all, one more pet to check off the list :). On my 3rd Labyrinth run lately ( I had got nothing I wanted the other 2 times ) at Vlad Darkfame - The evil Dean of Admissions into DS Academy, I got the Boss Banshee pet! Plus I found an awesome glitch in Vlad's Pad

I'm flying! Not. Around the center of his tower you suddenly get picked up about 10 feet off the ground if you find the place. Very little room to walk around though :P. I am not the first person to find this, my friend found it 2 months ago but am I the first person to put this glitch in a blog? I hope :D. Now that I have something to write about since Monday here is the picture of Princess Maxwell:

In the back there is another awesome furniture item the Pilloried Skeleton ALSO from Darkflame which shows a dead skeleton in the stocks ( a medieval way of killing e.g. guillotine )
A small little glitch also appears where you cant see Princess Maxwell's name. Several friends of mine have the same thing with their banshees where you cant see the name, here's another small thing to fix in the future KI! Also, I bought a Crystal Spider in DS to "mate" with my other spiders in my laboratory. Not much else happenin' but I'd like to announce a fellow blogger's welcome back party, Homework in the Graveyard was dormant for 8 months but came back lately! Her welcome back party is this Saturday, 9 PM EST, Dworgyn Area One in the Death Tower, I hope to make it! ( If I remember ;). ) There will be Sunken City farming ( I still need Grubb's Wraith statue ) and other fun activites like derbying etc. Please try to remember like me! Although on a sad note another blogger has quit. Since I'm new to the blogging community I don't know who is departing from w101 but I've heard of a certain person named Amber or something and she's Myth I think but she closed her blog and left. As I said I hadn't found this blog yet but it's still sad to see a respected blogger leave like that. Plus David Titanrider of w101info is contemplating the dreaded question as well "Should I quit?" because of a misbehaving computer. I, myself, quit for several months in the summer-fall of last year because of *also* a computer that would overheat and shut down all of a sudden and missed some easy Halloween farming but while finding the Friendly Necromancer's blog after the computer was doing better I was once again introduced to the awesomness of the Spiral.
To those bloggers out there: Don't Quit! Thank you, :). Luckily Dustin, David's cousin and on my buddy list is pitching in and getting David's helephant to leveling up in the pet minigames and trying hard to get that Ianthine Spectre that is stubborn to drop for many ( including me ). So when David's computer is better and he comes back he will be caught up with everyone. DO NOT QUIT THIS AWESOME GAME ANYTIME SOON TO ALL THOSE BLOGGERS OUT THERE! lol I said that but it's sad when it does happen, Happy farming everyone!

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