Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another crazy night of partying

Autumn's party is officially over ( aka Homework in a Graveyard ) sadly she couldn't make it cause of work as quoted by Kevin Battleblood and Ronan Ravenshard. But the whole thing was mostly about Friendly - Is he coming or not...? Bailey ( his wife ) did and promised he would be there after his dinner and sure enough he showed up to a mob of fans ( including me ;) ) He did add my blog to his list but with everyone talking couldn't hear that I wanted to add him or do a Sunken City run for the Wraith statue and that I was a blogger and all that... I kinda felt like the paparazzi. But I will meet him someday, my good friend Dustin Mooncatcher of W101 who has him as a friend promised I could see him sometime, I did get to see Heather Raven after all :). So yea, here's some screenshots of the party, first up- a screenshot with Bailey Skystaff

Kinda hard to see, but you know The Friendly Necromancer is w101 godliness when people ask what he's eating for dinner. And here is -in person- Thomas Lionblod:

Err, yea, that's the best shot I could do but it shows how choatic it was. And last here is a Krokomummy conga line:

That was the main mutation of the party since Friendly turned himself into one.
I mostly did it so I could see above the mob. There wasn't Sunken City farming or derbying etc. really since so many fans were there ( I'm thinking they wanted to put it on short notice so not many fans could know and just really only the bloggers could do stuff together :P ) and to tell the truth I was one of the first people to camp out there ( because the realm Dworgyn is full sometimes and it would definitely be full even if I had been 1/2 hour early ) So yea, another fan pitched a tent with me 2 1/2 hours before the event and soon it grew to 5 -10 people just before the 2 hours till party mark. Knowing this would be boring just standing around waiting I did the run in circles thing for over an hour while IRL I beat my dad at H-O-R-S-E in Basketball 3/5 times, woohoo! So I came back and it was crowded. Period. Compare this to the Ravenwood ball if you may, that sums it up. I don't have much more time to talk about the party ( Has it been summed up enough? ) so let's return to my favorite event this year-The World cup, woot!
USA tied England 1-1, awesome! My prediction came true of a draw between them but I did feel sorry for the English goalkeeper who fumbled that goal in for Dempsey :) and :(. And lastly I leveled up King Bonnie the crab, I'll show ya the screenshot of his stats tomorrow and as asked by Michael Skullblood who wanted to meet Friendly and get a screenshot of him more than I did I'd like to give a shout-out to his debut to the w101 blogosphere at He frequently comments on Friendly's blog and decided he wanted one of his own. Btw, call him Mike :). And Christo, a Grand Fire Pyromancer wanted his name here so here ya go! He won a Red Gobbler pet in Friendly's giveaway btw.
So if anyone besides Michael or Christo is reading this be sure to follow Necromancer101! Btw, if your a new blogger please feel free to comment so I can give a welcome shout-out to you! I regularly check all comments on my newest posts until it says view older posts but I will check your comment if you post it on a recent one! On a last note I got a new hat! STILL not the Spiderkeeper's but the Hoarder's which gives a little less health and 1% less Myth damage but a lot of Myth resist. It looks cool too ( No Auction ) and Hat of the Endless was getting old. So this will likely be my new hat till I finally get the Spiderkeeper's grand Myth hat. I will show everyone a picture of it tomorrow, good luck to Mike and Happy Farming everyone!


  1. I know how you feel... I had to miss the party due to a lot of things going on yesterday...

  2. Um, you haven't followed my blog yet!

  3. Yea, I know but when I follow a blog now my mom's name turns up ( I share her e-mail ) but I do check it everyday! :). It's just weird when my mom's name shows up without a picture y'know :P

  4. Never mind, I figured it out, now I'm following your blog as my name now :)


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