Monday, June 28, 2010

Warehouse=CRAZY, Read this for a lot of info on the new updates

First of all, I am one of the first explorers to the tippy-top of the Warehouse! Some other wizards came in with me ( including a Life wiz :D ) and we almost died at General Crab and his pesky tired, lazy and half-witted skeletons. But we got through, one of the first victories over General Crab! ( I had died here twice before ) Next, there were 2 wraith balance bosses and we all said "Uh-oh..." but the bosses were just like minions, piece of cake - Daren Whisperwind was wrong on a couple bosses who don't cheat. So around the 7-9th floor we got to the top. A shadow-weaver with a funny name ( Estorik? something? I forget ) and a big thug called Knuckles McCloud plus several of his rats. Well, for some reason, the life wiz suddenly disappeared and we all died in 5 minutes. sigh... I submitted an idea to KI that they really ought to tone it down ( at least the shadow-weaver and Knuckles at the end! ) and I sure hope they listen. Just like when Grzzleheim came out, Malistaire was impossible. So I am pretty sure ( or at least hoping ) they tone it down a bit.

The quests to this warehouse were a breeze btw if you didn't do them yet. Talk to Balestrom. Go to Resonating-Omni. Talk to Balestrom. Talk to Zann'e. Defeat mummy in Djeserit Tomb. Talk to Balestrom. Defeat whats-his-name in Village of Sorrow and Vesna's weavers in the Crucible. ( They weren't too hard ) and get Thurston's S.O.S ( cool voice, sounded very awkward and real scratchy too. ) Talk to Balestrom again. Talk to doggy in Royal Museum. Defeat the warehouse for the CL Spiral key. And that's it to everyone's knowledge so far ( no one can beat the warehouse! )

Plus some other things, I saw the new GH Fjord house, pretty cool. Also the new MB pets are in "Air-Barons" pub in Digmoore station where that froggy trains people spells. I have too much to talk about, so here are some pics of the updates :P
Oh yea, the mummy's name was Typhon
Cool message, who the heck is the Umbra Queen and Mor...? Meowiarty? :D
Hints on the new schools...
Stormclaw's first success at killing us all
The last bosses, that shadow-weaver really has to lose some weight... Plus I also saw Ronan Ravenshard, an active w101 member, a friend of Friendly's etc. ( he said my blog was awesome :D, thx! ) and Amber Rosepetal of A Savior of the Spiral, another neat w101 blog. And off-topic I got my Life-Minotaur to Adult, still no big talents yet, just hoping for good derby talents so I can get to Pet-Warlord
Well Befuddle isn't bad. Plus I heard of the Malistaire B-Day bash so I went to Unicorn way, the spot for it, Vampire area 1 and when I tried to get into 1 it was full, oh well. I'm surprised people showed up with the new updates and all ;). And speaking of parties I'm cutting my house-party to the 30th since I've been way too busy with the updates and stuff. I hope a friend of mine actually beats the Warehouse this week, I really want to see Celestia!

So, Happy Farming!


  1. Wow sounds real hard, i have not tried the quest yet, but i hope i can beat it :)

  2. Yea, I know, good luck with that, really hard! Tip: A Life wizard is a must on this, plus try to get some people who have beaten the place so you have some experience with you


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