Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ah, the horrors of Kensington...

Yea, it took like 2 hours with 4 grandmasters. One life ( that really helped ) One Fire, one Death, one Myth. And sadly all we got were tons of useless clothes and lots of snacks ;P. Oh, I got a gravestone from Ratchet too, kinda random there. Complaints filled the whole time and we agreed at least ONE person should get the Seraph from all this. So when Stoker was dying my heart was pounding really fast and I crossed my fingers... no luck. I: Bad enough for me but same for everyone else lol, not enough a Spider Golem! And yea, in other news U.S.A beat Algeria in the 91st minute to advance!!! Wooooooottttt! They missed several big opportunities including one that I really urked at, Dempsey could have tapped in a possible goal but nooo he had to kick it into the seats xD. It's pretty annoying when players kick it really high for barely a good reason when they are about to score. Another example is when the goalie fell down and with defenders around him to possibly block a goal Altidore panicked and kicked it WAY too high. Sigh, plus another bad ref misjudged an offside that took away a Dempsey goal and in the replays it appeared he was onside. Well, at least they did win in "panic-time" as I call it on a Donovan goal into the corner of the net, woohoo! A lot of bad luck, but good luck in the end. Plus a Wimbledon match, Mahut vs. Isner is tied in the last set at 59-59!!! Seriously, this is the longest game in Pro tennis history, not exaggerating. They have played 2 days and I think one of them will have to be the winner tomorrow. Wow, when I first saw 59-59 I nearly fell out of my chair. Crazy day in sports ;) and on a last note Lord Spike is 789/1000th of the way to Epic, go Spike! Happy Farming!

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