Monday, June 7, 2010

Updated Pet list thanks to "Nightstalker" on Central

I was looking around today and I found a big pet list with a ton to add to MY pet list :D. So be sure to notice there are more pets in the list, I'll edit it after this. Also, I scraped everything all my characters had in their backpacks they didnt need and gave them to Mycin to sell and he ended up JUST getting enough to buy a Storm house, woot! About to decorate it, I'm still going to have a Root beer bar and a MS room. I also borrowed an idea from a friend who hid some Stone roses in his DS house and I found them all :D. So I bought 10 of them myself and hid them and have had a couple friends go on the hunt, some are pretty tough to find. Not much else today, this is a relatively short post, hope to find some pets to talk about tomorrow! Happy farming folks!

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