Saturday, June 19, 2010

:D computer up and running, might do KP tomorrow

So $85 later my computer's internet works again. Just wanted to let folks know, now I need some stuff to write about. I beat Youkai solo after some hard work but alas, I got just what I didn't need: his Balance hat. Here is the final hit...
OK, OK the screenshot was a millisecond too late, but I had 479 Health at the end as you can see :P. Disaster struck near the end when my Satyr fizzled, whaaaat?!? Youkai played 3 45% less accuracy things on me yet the spells I cast worked each time and then Satyr fizzles with a 90% chance?!? I survived when I found it again with 100 health left, then he played leprechaun and I would have died, phew. I played 2 minotaur minions and they both did their jobs. Alas, no minotaur pet as I said. More luck next time for me hopefully. Happy Farming!


  1. Dude, cards below 100% can fizzle... Also, it's called black mantle what you refer to 45% less accuracy things lol.

  2. xD I know about Black Mantle, forgot the name for a moment. Just sayin' it's weird the cards that had Black mantle on them worked and the 90% chance Satyr didn't.


Have a splendiferous day! :)